Pileli Düz Etek

Nis 19, 2015 0 1201

Jacket: Stradivarius Skirt: Grand Mom’s Heel: Old Bag: Koton ...

Klasik Slim Etek

Ara 11, 2014 0 1233

Knit: Lc Waikiki Skirt: Grand Mom’s Bag: Koton Scarf: Asos ...

İş Stili

Kas 15, 2014 0 1513

Dress: Here Skirt: Grand Mom’s Shoes: Markafoni Knit: Stradivarius Bag: Mudo ...

Ananemin Eteği

Eki 16, 2014 0 1507

Skirt: Grand Mom’skirt Sweatshirt: Here Shoes: Markafoni Sneaker: Adidas ...

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